Updates to Chief Scout Awards

The IEV lists which are part of the Chief Scout’s Platinum Award, the Chief Scout’s Diamond Award, and the Queen’s Scout Award, have been updated, following feedback from Members and consultation. The following updates have been made:

  • The number of activities a Member completes has been clarified, to avoid any disadvantage to Members progressing through the Awards, in comparison to a direct entrant.
  • The Environment heading has been widened to Community, to expand the range of activities which can be used for this section, and to provide a closer tie to the Programme offered to young people through normal Scouting activities. This changes the name of the list to the International Community and Values (ICV) list.
  • The activities within the Values heading have been updated to be more relevant and reflective.
  • For each heading, an introduction has been added, to explain why each is important and can be valuable for the Member.

Members currently working towards their IEV list or who have been preparing to do so can continue as planned.  This includes pre-planning for future awards and transitioning onto to the next level. The changes aim to extend the range of activities a Member can complete for this award, and make the experience of completing the activities relevant and valuable.

Links to the ICV lists are provided below:
Chief Scout’s Platinum Award: ICV list
Chief Scout’s Diamond Award: ICV list
Queen’s Scout Award: ICV list

In support of this, the Adventure Begins Resource for DofE has also been updated.

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