ICV: International – Beaver Activity Badges

For my Chief Scout Diamond Award, I had to complete another two Tasks from the ICV List, I chose an environmental activity and an international activity. For the International Activity, I chose to run four evening programmes for my section based on an international theme. I chose to run four nights in a section because this would allow me to kill two birds with one stone, as I was working through my young leader missions. I could use the four nights to help me complete different stages of the missions and sign off the last section of my young leader training.

Planning was very important in organising the running of these four nights. Due to the requirements of one of the badges, it was important that these nights were run at different times of the year, for this to work I attended the planning meeting in July 2016. At this meeting, we reviewed the two-year rolling programme (at the Beaver section I volunteer at we use a two-year rolling program to ensure the Beavers achieve all the badges so they can get their Chief Scout Bronze award.) I was fortunate that this year we would be running both the international badge and the My World challenge award this would allow me to use these badges for the basis of the four nights.

At the planning meeting, I asked to run both of the badges. The international badge could be run over two sessions next to each other and I did this at the end of October 2016. This badge was very successful and Beavers enjoyed themselves immensely.

The My World challenge award has seven sections which we run over the course of the year this allows the beavers to achieve this award gradually through the year. I asked to run two sections of this award and when planning to run these sessions I had to ensure it fitted into the Activity programme. One of these sessions was run at the end of November on St Andrews day as this fitted into the schedule and would allow me to complete the first section of this award. It was at this first session we got the Beavers to fill in their details of the world diary and give them to parents to send on to other relatives. Due to the fact that we wanted the diaries to have enough time to travel around the world, I waited around eight months before running the fourth and final session.

Without the support of my section leader, I would have not been able to run my part of the My World challenge award. This was because it required several emails to be sent out reminding the parents of what we expected and when we wanted the dairies back for. With the support from the other section leaders, we were able as a team to organise and run all seven sections of this badge of the year and this meant in June 2017 we were able to award the Beavers this badge.

These 4 nights went very well and it was great to see the beavers taking part and getting involved with the badge work. My favourite part of running these nights was the final session when we got to sit with the beavers and look through the world diaries and see where they had been and read some of the things that had been written by their friends and relatives around the world. If I was going to do anything differently it would be to give the diaries more time to go around different relatives this would have allowed them to hopeful have visited more countries so that the beavers could see many different cultures around the world. The international activity requires commitment and time no matter what activity you chose to run it will require teamwork and planning to achieve this section of the Chief scout Diamond award. Talking to people is very important when undertaking a project of this scale.

A full summary of my evenings can be read here:

CS Diamond: ICV International 4 Sessions with Beavers


Click for more information on completing your Chief Scout Diamond Award

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