ICV: International – Cub International Badge

We chose to run 4 nights which would get the Cubs their International Badge, we did this firstly because it counted towards our Diamond Award, and secondly because we wanted to run some nights with the Cub Pack which we are Young Leaders at.
The stages to the Cub International badge are:

  1. Draw or create the World Scout Badge. Explain the meaning of each of its parts.
  2. Create a passport with information about a country. You could include things like its currency, national dress, foods, religions, cultures, customs and languages.
  3. Cook a traditional dish from another country using an ingredient that you are not
    familiar with. Tell your leader what you liked or disliked about it.
  4. Take part in the activities of a celebration or festival that usually takes place in
    another country. Explore why the celebration or festival happens. What are the
    customs of the event?

Before running the nights we talked with the leaders and developed our initial ideas and plans to make them better and more enjoyable. Prior to the evenings, we prepared in advance so that we had everything we needed and knew exactly what we were doing.

Advice that we would give to others would be to talk to the leaders about what you have planned to do, as they are often able to add to the plans and improve your initial ideas. Another thing is by talking to your leaders you gain an understanding of what you already have and can borrow as a group/unit due to them having more experience of night planning than you do. Also, we would say to plan it as far in advance as possible which allows you to change and adapt things if necessary. Especially if it’s younger sections allow more time than you would normally for activities as they tend to get distracted very easily.

A full summary of our 4 evenings can be read here:

CS Diamond: ICV International 4 Sessions with Cubs

~ Matthew & Scott Connett


Click for more information on completing your Chief Scout Diamond Award

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