Queen Scout Award

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 Queen Scout Registration

Please notify your Explorer Leader of your intention to begin your Queen Scout Award, so they are able to support you in this journey

Gold DofE

The main element of your Queen Scout Award is the completion of your Gold DofE.  This is run through our Explorers/County, though you can choose to complete it externally to scouting and just provide us with the final certificate.  As a reminder the Gold DofE requirements are below:

More information about Gold DofE can be found on the Gold DofE Page

Additional Requirements


– Membership:   18 months in Explorers/Network. You must remain an Explorer / Network member throughout your award, although one academic break is allowed, and be aged between 16-25 when you complete the Award.

– Nights Away:  These nights must be as an Explorer, Young Leader (or Girlguiding equivalent), Network or Adult Leader.  They cannot be nights away completed through your DofE Training/ Expeditions or your ICV activities.  Your ESL will keep track of your nights away completed through Explorers, any additional nights away can be recorded via the log below.

ICV Activities

The ICV activities are designed to go one step further in your Scouting.  They will allow you to look at issues affecting your local community, explore your faith or help others to explore theirs, and give you chance to explore the world and meet scouts of other nationalities. If you have completed your Platinum Award, you need to complete a further 4 ICV activities to achieve your Queen Scout Award. If you have completed your Diamond Award you need only complete a further 2 ICV activities.

View the Queen Scout Award ICV list here

 A written report of your activities will be published in the Queen Scout Award blog for others to read, and gain inspiration from.  Pictures, research and work product can only be published with the subject’s permission.

Support and other Requirements

If you are taking part in Nights Away activity as a Young Leader, Network or Adult Leader please record this via the Nights Away Log

If you think you have finished your Queen Scout Award please get in touch with Lotti who will help you to arrange your Presentation evening and award Sign off


The final element of your Queen Scout Award is a presentation given to an appropriate audience.  This may be your own Scout Troop, your old explorer unit or at a District / County AGM evening. The aim of this presentation is not only to showcase all the hard work you have put into completing your award but to also encourage others to follow in your footsteps and show just what is possible.

Queen Scout Parade

Once your Queen Scout Award has been signed off by our County Commissioner and approved by Scout HQ you will be invited to Windsor Castle for the Queen Scout Parade.  This happens on St Georges Day every year and is inspected by a member of the Royal Family.

 Queen Scout Award Blog Posts

These can be found here: Gold DofE / Queen Scout Award Blog Page