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You should spend at least 1 hour per week cooking your chosen recipe, this can include research & food preparation.

Aims & Ideas

  • Be able to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen and understand the importance of the safe use and storage of basic utensils and equipment.
  • Understand the meaning of a well-balanced diet and how food contributes to health and fitness.
  • Develop cookery skills from novice to confident in the Kitchen by trying a wide range or recipes
  • Plan and cost a balanced menu for a family of four for one day, being aware of the need for protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and sugars.
  • Discover different baking methods and find the pros and cons for a busy family
  • Use and maintain a variety of kitchen equipment, e.g. food processors/blenders, deep-fat fryers, griddles, steamers etc. and be familiar with different types of cooking, e.g. with gas and electric cookers and hobs, pressure cookers, microwave ovens.
  • Understand the importance of the correct storage of food to avoid cross-contamination and the prevention of food-related illnesses, and demonstrate the hygienic use of refrigerators and freezers for storage.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of convenience foods.
  • Understand how the availability of foods affect national dishes
  • Experiment with foods for expeditions, e.g. calorific energy foods, and produce a small collection of simple recipes, using basic ingredients, which can be prepared on a portable stove.
  • Produce a cookbook for students taking into account cost and availability of food
  • Create a comparison of dishes by producing meat and vegetarian versions of famous recipes comparing preparation time, cooking time and cost.

Assessment & Evidence

The assessor should see evidence of planning for each meal, a record should be kept of the date, time and recipe.  Photos should be taken during preparation, cooking and the final meal. The assessor should, as a minimum, be invited to one meal per month of activity.

3 Months Skills Evidence Log:  Cooking (International Cuisines) & Cooking (Baking)