Bronze DofE

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Bronze DofE training starts from the very beginning, it teaches not only navigation and teamwork but also how to pack an expedition rucksack, expedition food, camp craft and much more.  Participants will take part in a number of day hikes with the leadership team before being split into Expedition teams.  These teams undergo a timed hike to ensure training is applied and the team can prove they are able to work independently in unfamiliar areas.  The Bronze Practice and Final expeditions are completed in the North Yorkshire Moors.




All sections for Bronze must have at least one piece of evidence gathered which showcases the activity and your progress in addition to a Personal Evaluation.  This is best gathered while you are still taking part in the activity.  For advice on what type of evidence and how much contact Lotti.

Once you have completed each section an assessor’s report needs to be uploaded to the eDofE section.  This can either be had written in your Booklet or uploaded by the assessor via the eDofE Assessor Portal

If you have lost your DofE booklet the assessor sections can be found here: Bronze DofE Assessor Report Cards

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