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Silver DofE training goes one of two ways, the most usual route is for explorers who have already completed their Bronze award naturally move up to the next level.  In this case, refresher training is completed and Silver participants are invited to take part in day hikes to practice their navigation.  Silver participants will often be given supervised hikes to complete making all navigation decision between them with a leader shadowing or providing safety cover.  If a participant goes directly to Silver they will be required to complete the Bronze Training and must prove their navigation and hiking abilities to the leadership team. The Silver Practice expedition is completed in the North Yorkshire Moors with the Final expedition taking place in the Peak District or Yorkshire Dales.




All sections for Silver must have multiple pieces of evidence gathered which showcases the activity and your progress.  This is best gathered and uploaded at least every 3 months to ensure quick approval once the section is completed.  For advice on what type of evidence and how much contact Lotti.

Once you have completed each section an assessor’s report needs to be uploaded to the eDofE section.  This can either be had written in your Booklet or uploaded by the assessor via the eDofE Assessor Portal

If you have lost your DofE booklet the assessor sections can be found here: Silver DofE Assessor Report Cards

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